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Unveiling a Disturbing Trend: 10-Year-Olds Raiding Sephora for High-End Beauty Brands

Updated: Jan 31

Girls getting a cucumber facial

In a surprising departure from my usual content, I stumbled upon a topic that shook me to the core, compelling me to address it. While engrossed in the latest video from one of my favorite YouTubers, renowned for their anti-scam content, I was confronted with a disturbing trend taking over TikTok. Brace yourselves—it involves young girls—10-year-olds raiding Sephora and indulging in a shopping spree of high-end skincare and makeup brands, including the likes of Drunk Elephant.


The Unsettling Trend Unveiled


The video that brought this unsettling trend to my attention shed light on a disconcerting reality—children, barely into double digits, flocking to Sephora with the intent of purchasing premium beauty products. It's a phenomenon that challenges the conventional boundaries of age-appropriate shopping.


The YouTuber's Insight


Known for their vigilant stance against scams, the YouTuber dissected this TikTok trend, questioning the motivations behind such young individuals gravitating towards expensive skincare and makeup brands. The shock factor was undeniable—Drunk Elephant, a brand synonymous with luxury, becoming a part of this unexpected shopping spree.


Beyond the Surface


As I delved deeper into the topic, the implications became more apparent. What drives young girls towards such a trend, and what does it signify about societal influences? The answers are complex, and the conversation surrounding this trend goes beyond the mere act of shopping.


The Need for Dialogue


While this departure from my usual content may seem unexpected, I believe it's a conversation that needs attention. Why are 10-year-olds drawn to premium beauty brands? What role does social media play in shaping their perceptions? These questions underline the necessity of discussing not just the trend itself but the underlying factors contributing to it.


In navigating this unexpected revelation, it's imperative to address the broader issues at play. The phenomenon of 10-year-olds shopping at Sephora for luxury beauty brands is not just a viral trend; it's a reflection of the evolving dynamics between young consumers, social media, and societal expectations.

It's disheartening to witness the fact that we can't simply allow children to embrace the purity of being kids. The inevitable journey into adulthood awaits them, bringing along a host of insecurities centered around outward appearances. Childhood, ideally, should be a sanctuary where none of those concerns hold weight. During this precious time, a child's only decision should revolve around the simple joy of deciding what game to play each day.

What do you think? I'd love to hear your thoughts below.


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Ruby Anderson Henley
Jan 20

This disturbing trend is luring children into a world they’re not equipped to understand. One could view it as abusive…that it’s teaching kids that surface beauty is more important than cultivating an inner beauty of self confidence, genuiness and acceptance of who they are. Even the name “Drunk Elephant” turns me off for ten year old kids.

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