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10 Holiday Treats and Decorations Toxic to Pets

Updated: Feb 1

Two dogs and a cat in holiday decor

'Tis the season to be jolly, but it's also the time to be mindful of our furry family members. As we deck the halls and indulge in festive treats, it's crucial to be aware of potential hazards that can pose a threat to our pets. Here's a rundown of 10 holiday treats and decorations that are toxic to pets:

  1. Homemade Salt Dough Decorations: While crafting homemade salt dough ornaments can be a delightful holiday activity, the high salt content can be harmful to pets if ingested. Keep them out of reach or opt for pet-friendly alternatives.

  2. Toxic Plants: Amaryllis, daffodils, hyacinths, iris, mistletoe, holly, poinsettia, and ALL LILIES are beautiful but toxic to pets. Make sure these plants are placed in areas inaccessible to your furry friends.

  3. Sugar-Free Candy and Pastries: Xylitol, a common sugar substitute, is highly toxic to pets and can be found in sugar-free treats. Keep these goodies out of your pet's reach to prevent accidental ingestion.

  4. Chocolate: A classic holiday indulgence, chocolate contains theobromine, which is toxic to pets. Ensure that all chocolatey treats are stored securely and away from curious noses.

  5. Alcohol: Festive cocktails may be part of human celebrations, but alcohol is a big no-no for pets. Even small amounts can lead to intoxication and other serious health issues.

  6. Tinsel, String, and Ribbons: Cats, in particular, are drawn to shiny, dangling objects. Ingesting tinsel, string, or ribbons can lead to intestinal blockages, so keep these decorations well out of your pet's reach.

  7. Candles: The warm glow of candles adds a cozy ambiance, but they can be a fire hazard and pose a burn risk to pets. Opt for flameless candles or keep traditional ones in secure holders.

  8. Christmas Trees: Secure your Christmas tree to prevent it from toppling over if your pet decides to investigate. Be mindful of tree water additives, as some can be toxic. Consider a pet-friendly barrier around the tree.

  9. Cords: Twinkling lights are a holiday staple, but exposed cords can be tempting for pets to chew on. Use cord organizers to keep them hidden and secure.

  10. Snow Globes and Ornaments: Fragile ornaments and snow globes can break easily, posing a risk of injury to your pets. Opt for shatterproof decorations and place delicate items higher up on the tree.

As you celebrate the holiday season, incorporating these precautions will ensure that both your home and your pets stay merry and bright. Remember, a little extra care goes a long way in keeping our furry friends safe and happy during this festive time of year.


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Michelle Johnson
Michelle Johnson
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