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Guide to 5 Best Goth Makeup Brands to Try for Spooky Season

Updated: Feb 1

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Dive into the eerily enchanting worlds of Black Moon, Lime Crime, Creature Cosmetics, Vampyre Cosmetics, and Necromancy Cosmetica this Halloween season. These bewitching brands cast a spell with their spooktacular cosmetic creations, ensuring your Halloween look is a masterpiece of otherworldly allure. Unleash your inner creature of the night with the supernatural shades and hauntingly beautiful products from these darkly divine collections.

1. Black Moon: Casting a spell of ethical beauty, Black Moon enchants with cruelty-free and vegan cosmetics crafted in the USA – magic at its finest. But that’s not where the enchantment ends! The friendly ghosts steering the company recently renamed their liquid lipstick Libra, a customer favorite, to Warrior and pledged a portion of the proceeds to the City of Hope Cancer Treatment and Research Center. Talk about beauty that casts a philanthropic glow! Check out their new Halloween eyeshadow duo, featuring shades like Pumpkin Patch, Recently Deceased, and Dead but Delectable.

2. Lime Crime: As a brand committed to obliterating the mundane in beauty, Lime Crime invites you to embrace the dark allure of individuality. Their manifesto, a spellbinding ode to uniqueness, is a proclamation against the ordinary. Immerse yourself in the shadows of self-expression with the Dark Reign Collection featuring products such as Velvetines Lip Trio: Majestic Mattes, Wet Cherry Lip Gloss Duo: Crushed Gems, Stardust Liquid Luster Eyeshadow, and Venus XS: Majestic Muse Eye Shadow Palette.

3. Creature Cosmetics: We recently came across this fantastic company that beautifully blends two of our most cherished passions: horror movies and cruelty-free makeup. Creature Cosmetics offers an array of officially licensed and non-licensed products, including makeup palettes, lipsticks, makeup sponges, and much more – all inspired by our favorite horror flicks. Best sellers include Re-Animator Syringe Lip Gloss, Lethal Lollipop Mirror, Shades of Samhain Palette, and Mortuary Mascara. If you have a love for the macabre and ethical beauty choices, you absolutely have to check them out.

4. Vampyre Cosmetics: At the heart of Vampyre Cosmetics' ethos lies the mantra: “We don’t sell ‘beauty’. We simply provide tools as an option for the expression of it.” Their highly pigmented cosmetics, proudly vegan and free from cruelty and talc, embody this philosophy. With names like Crystal Ball, Bizarre is Beautiful, and Spirit Board, their palettes are a testament to the brand's commitment to living up to the spirit of their mantra. Beauty isn’t confined; it’s a canvas waiting for your unique strokes.

5. Necromancy Cosmetica: Step into the realm of beauty with Necromancy Cosmetica, where the arcane meets aesthetics in a bewitching dance. As a brand that transcends the ordinary, Necromancy Cosmetica beckons beauty enthusiasts to explore the darker side of glamour. Discover the allure of their products, each crafted with meticulous artistry. A Gothic Romance Palette, a masterpiece of pigments and eyeshadows, unveils a spectrum of 8 shades that evoke the essence of a dark, romantic saga. The Swamp of Sorrows Palette also boasts 8 shades immersing you in a mysterious world of deep, sultry hues. Dive into lipstick shades like Divine Flesh, Mourning Rose, Grave Digger, Carnal Sin, and many more ethereal shades.

Goth makeup is the perfect way to add a little edge to your look this Spooky Season. Whether you're going for an elegant, Tim Burton-esque look, a more wicked witch vibe, or something completely original, there are a ton of brands to fit your needs. Our guide to the 5 best Goth makeup brands to try for Spooky Season has provided you with some of the best products for the job, so you can be sure your look kills. With bold colors and high-quality formulas, you can create a dark, mysterious, and spooky look that will make you the talk of the party. Don't forget to experiment with different colors and looks – the possibilities are endless with Goth makeup! So don your best darkly glamorous outfit, and prepare to receive a hoard of compliments – this season is, after all, a killer for you.


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